Seven Habits: What helped me might help you too [Part 2]


Magnoliopsida (Photo credit: *Grant*)

Like plants pushing itself upwards towards the light, we humans thrive. Like a phoenix re-birthed from ashes, we humans overcome.

Here is another set of habits that helped me during tough times. You have that struggling spirit inside of you, I know. But only one great human force can bring us from victory to victory. Only one great human force can  set us free.

So open your hearts now and challenge your minds…

3) Doubt your limits. If there are some things you are freely allowed to doubt in your life – which you will also find you could have doubted a long time ago – those would be your limitations.

This advice might seem a cliche. But think about it, how many poor people have actually considered they can be rich? Or how many rebellious children have actually considered they can be very kind sons or daughters? Or how many unfaithful husbands have actually considered they can be their wife’s hero? How many traumatized women have actually considered they can love again? Or how many irritable bosses have actually believed they can be calm and understanding servant-leaders? How how many of us have actually considered we can forgive during times we are most hurt?

But somehow, one way or another, we just realize one day we have already overcome one limit, and then another, and then another. You don’t know how but you did.

So, there would really be no sense in experiencing to overcome one limit and then stopping right there.

What really made you have that courage to overcome that first limit is the very reason you have to try again- You have the heart that believes in the potential. You doubted those voices telling you that you can’t, and then even had the faith to bring it up one notch to actually do what you (and even possibly a lot of other people) tell “you can’t”.  So you have the X factor. In other words, you have the seed.

2011 printemps avril plantae plante nature pen...

(Photo credit: Pensée Bio)

As for me, I don’t dress well, I am usually afraid to be beautiful, or appear trying to be. It has something to do with my past. But I am sure God wants me to enjoy life so that’s what I am trying to do once in a while right now – to wear some pretty clothes, or fix my hair well, or take care of my face, or sometimes wear simple make-up. Usually, it is always hard for me to try this one- I don’t know why- but I try to doubt that I can’t be Binibining-Pilipinas-beautiful.

 I still try saying: “Ang cute cute ko kaya tapos papayag ako na pangit ako?! Maganda ako!”.

So I hope for those like me who are also shy, or “in a very looong transition”, let us give ourselves some chance to believe in the spring of life in our hearts – that if we just let this spring flow, a lot of flowers will bloom around us.

4) Make Jesus your benchmark. I am not telling you to be Jesus because that would be a very hard thing to do.  What I am just telling is that when times get tough, this habit could be very handy. The habit of thinking of the ever popular “What would Jesus do” or WWJD, would help you more than you expected. Why? Because for example you don’t have money to buy food and you feel bad about it, just think about how Jesus fasted for 40 days while He was even tempted by the devil! Quite funny for a comparison, but somehow, if you love Jesus enough already, it will work, trust me. Or when you are persecuted at your work place or you are being judged without a good reason, think about how Jesus was hanged on the cross by the same people who told Him He was their king. So would you still feel rejected if you know that?

The greatest of all, what did Jesus do? He still chose to love. He stayed quiet amidst all the mocking and hurting, yet He still loved even His enemies. Would you even imagine your worst enemy giving you the gift you have always wanted? Can you also imagine yourself accepting that gift you ever wanted from your greatest enemy?As our pastor said, every pride in our body would rebel against any of our attempt to be Christ-like. But let us try nonetheless.

Jesus can love in both ways. He can give love endlessly to the worst

people in His life, but He can

Jesus H. Christ

(Photo credit: angelofsweetbitter2009)

also accept the love people want to give Him even though all of those would not add anything to His already godly stature.

Friends, it took me six years of Christian walk before I was able to understand how these are possible. Some of you might have already gotten it. Or some might get it faster, or maybe some, slower. But in any decision, the greatest way to go is always to think what would Jesus do and actually do it. And we can only successfully do it if we put our trust fully and only in Him, with wisdom, faith, and trust.

 Spread godly love and have a great day!

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