Seven Habits: What helped me might help you too [Part 3]

I believe that happiness is one of the greatest pursuits of human beings. Other pursuits might include extreme faith, or unconditional love, or understanding of purpose and meaning. But happiness might be different in a way that we always try to find it even when we don’t know what we are finding. When we don’t know what we are finding, usually we try to find happiness instead, whether short-term or long-term. But when we finally know what we want to find, we just notice that happiness stays with what we ultimately want to find. Somehow sounds like Aristotle but I guess, that man just got it. He nailed it.

This article would be about Happiness- what we can do to appreciate it and even give it to others.

5) Always find that spoonful of sugar. Sometimes, the reason why people find some of their daily tasks really hard is because they do not find their “spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down”. It is important to understand and accept this early that the medicine is really bitter. We are all creatures who have our weakness or even sickness of some sort. We would “need” those medicines to make us better.

Medicine Drug Pills on Plate

Medicine Drug Pills on Plate (Photo credit:

Medicines might come in the form of academics (ughhhh), exercise (another ughhhh), healthy eating (major ughhhh), saving (Venus Raj ughhhh), public speaking (………) [Sheena just fainted… Ooops okay she’s awake again], or dressing up really well (you get the point). They are really hard. But what we have to do is look for that sweet part- the sugar.

When studying, what can be the sugar? Okay, let’s ask John Gabriel Pelias or (ehem ehem) my own batchmate in Econ, Laurence Go (Oooops not online in FB). Okay ask me.

I can say some sugars can be the quotes of your profs, your memories of your childhood, the dream that you had when you were Grade 5, or just simply how your classmates show different personalities in class.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

How to Win Friends and Influence People (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can also read books like “Built To Last” or “Grace Awakening” or “Chasing Daylight, or “Success Built to Last”, or ” How to Win Friends and Influence People”, or “Little Prince”, and a lot more. Of course it is a given you read the book of Life.

[I now officially had my first interview for an article by myself].

There is really a lot of sweet things in the world! A lot of sweet people too!

Just pay it forward.

6) Always find the gold in every person. There was one time, I had a chance to observe this jeepney driver I really hated because he kept on throwing peanut shells out of the jeep while driving. People who know me would understand that I really hate that. I want people to throw trash in the trash can. But he just kept on carelessly throwing peanut shells outside the jeepney as he drives, and even races with other jeepneys. So I wondered what more I would see if I just stop my thoughts and try to see him more. I tried to look through him. Here’s what I saw:

If what is true is what I see, then his hope would come from what he desires. He works for money, yes. But you know what?

He stops when he has to stop. He asks who needs to go off where. I just saw a man with many defenses too.

So what is his gold? His hurt. And what does he want?

The heart clearly sees things denied to the ey...

-Dodinsky (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)

I needed not do anything for this man but to pray for him.

So what I mean is we just give people some chance to have that perfect image in our eyes as how Christ sees everyone of us. There is just a story why some people are also crass or bitter.

Again, as WWJD, we choose to love than judge. We choose to appreciate than punish [qualifier coming] always.

Now think about how much persecuted you are because you have offended someone. Then think about how many more times other people have offended you yet you chose to love them. Aren’t you lovable? Now think about how many times you have hated someone but chose to see him or her in a better light. Aren’t you lovable? Finally, and most importantly, now look at you.

See how you have been loved over and way above how your sins and failures would just make you worthy of. So now would you still choose the people you would love?

So will you not be happy when you develop those habits?

Happiness is indeed a choice. It is a choice of finding it everyday amidst every storm. It is saying there might be some diamond in the rough.

God bless every one! Have a great sleep everyday.

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