How These Happen Are All A Miracle From God [Part 1]

It is all a miracle how my grad schooling became possible. It was all a risk. But I can 100 percent say that none of these would have been possible without the help of our Almighty God who gave me the marching order anyway.

Look at my grades below. It was my first time to get that kind of combination of grades. And that happened when I gave up my work, having no big salary, and relying solely to my just enough monthly stipend, some help from my church and some little salary from Graduate Assistant job. And I just want to thank you Lord.

Demo First Sem UPPI

It really meant to me “to make tumbling bonggang bongga to survive and thrive”.  But having this frail mind, another breakdown might have had occured. But it did not. All because I promised myself to trust my God- only my God, fully to my God- and God just chose to shower me with Grace. (Well there is literally one Grace in my department but it seemed like all of them were grace).

I just thank God infinitely. So when this happens to you more often, please thank God too.

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