How These Happen Are All A Miracle From God [Part 2]

Remember those storms that suddenly come blowing in your life and you are caught off-guard? This special semester of mine in U.P. would tell a lot about it.

Look at this record:

Undergrad-1st Bad Sem

Now, what do you see? Do you now understand why my grades last semester was a miracle? (See part 1 of this series).

Not that I am saying that this combination of grades was the worst anyone can get or that this already is “the worst ever” in history, but the grades still look bad don’t they?

Not also that I am saying I am not smart to begin with because I still graduated Rank 9 of our batch in U.P.I.S. just the previous year.

But look at the year at the top of the table. It says School-year “2004-2005”. I graduated April 2011.

And when was I able to get three 1.0s and only one 1.25 in one semester? It was already when I was on my first year in my Master’s program in 2012.

So how many years of journey was that? Around seven years.


After that semester in 2004-2005, I had a breakdown. Major O.A., right? As if it was the end of the world. “Superior GC” if you would like to call it that way.

So I spent the whole 2 years that follow cleaning the house, cooking food, painting,watching kilig telenovelas, doing the laundry and slowly trying to recover through church involvement. A Hakuna Matata life. All of these of course are embedded in the tough times of endless nights of crying, singing and dancing, and then crying again.

Then I went back to U.P. in 2007. And just after a semester, I get this record:

Undergrad-2nd Bad Sem

So, the famous question would be, anyare?

My simple answer would be, “nayari“.

Okay, so another blow. So for another semester, not that I had another Hakuna Matata life but I had more like a “Black Spiderman Syndrome” with a mix of Kurt-Cobain-hurt.

Black Spiderman

Then a lot of things happened until I re-enrolled in first semester of S.Y. 2008-2009. Just let our imagination fill-in the blanks.

So yes, discouragement is natural. It really happens. More so if you happened to have the M.D. But even if you don’t have, it is still really normal to be hurt that much.

That’s just who I really was before I truly knew Jesus!

But this story would reveal to you the change people around would just easily see.

(Wow! From nega to mega?! Wow!)

But God works in ways beyond what we could imagine. I’d tell you about it on my next post. So you people out there, don’t let those grades stop you, ayt? Ayt!

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