The Seventh Habit: What helped me might help you too

Believe me, you have always known this seventh habit since you were just little children wondering how you would catch that dragonfly in the park, or have that additional dose of cotton candy, or have your next win in Patintero. You have been doing this so often yet you might still have not embraced this enough that you know this is itself one of the best expression of love another being can give you.


The seventh habit is all about knowing what is a prayer to your life. And the seventh habit is also praying itself. Like praying as also a form of understanding.

But first, why is (in my opinion)  a prayer one of the greatest expression of love someone else (Jesus) can give you? It is because prayers give you unlimited access to Jesus’ ears. No, not that you’ll be able to examine any divine earwax of course. But that you are given unlimited right to speak and speak to a God who would just always listen.

Who would agree that people who listen are really hard to find nowadays? But here is Jesus, offering you his ears 24/7. What’s more, they are ears which are connected to a heart that can accommodate the whole of humanity.

So do you have any problem? Just pray.

What is a prayer? Here are the first five that come to my mind:

1) It is a sign of surrender. 

2) It is a sign you are willing to learn.

3) It is a sign you are willing to share yourself.

4) It is a sign you are ready to take risks.

5) It is a sign you believe in divine things you don’t see.

We’ll talk about these in the following days and I would share to you some experiences I had in discovering this “prayer” more and more.

For the meantime, here’s a song I really love which is somehow already like a personal prayer to me:

How about you? Have you been helped by prayers? How? Please leave a comment. Thanks!

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